21-23 June 2019
Ankara, Turkey


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Deadline for Pay Registration: June 15, 2019

Deadline for Submission of Full Articles: June 25, 2019

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Agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry are the most strategic topics of the World. Sustainable nutrition is one of the most important components that realizing of life right which is one of the basic principles of human rights. While the world population is growing and countries are changing, agriculture, forestry and aquaculture have also been diversified. Agriculture changed from conventional agriculture to good agriculture as well as from biodynamic agriculture to intelligent agriculture. In addition, with different techniques and practices, forest and aquaculture continued to give direction to human life both in agricultural activities and independently. Therefore, coming together of all participants is extremely importance to discuss the current situation and new scientific approaches in these fields. Turkey is a very special geography in which founded civilizations by the oldest agricultural society and genetic center of many plant and animal species as well as the firstly cultured and domesticated of them. Hasat International Agriculture and Forestry Congress will be held in Ankara of our country between 21-23 June 2019 with the contributions of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. We expect you as meritorious scientists to participate in the congress with the original studies. And we wish you have a good work on behalf of the congress organizing board.


Participation Areas

Agricultural Biotechnology 
Agricultural Ecology
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Machinery and Energy Systems
Agricultural Structures and Irrigation  
Animal Science
Field Crops
Food Engineering
Forest  Engineering
Forest  Industry Engineering
History of Agriculture and Deontology
Plant Protection
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
Wildlife Ecology and Management

Keynote Speakers [All]

Prof. Dr. Katarzyna Turnau
Jagiellonian University, (Poland)

Prof. Dr. Gulnara Djumaniyazova
Academy of Sciences Republic of Uzbekistan

Prof. Dr. Younes Rezaee Danesh
Urmia University (Iran)

Prof.Dr.Seyit Mehmet Şen
Kastamonu University, (Turkey)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. László Kredics
Szeged University (Hungary)

Dr. Metin TÜRKER
Republic of Turkey Agriculture And Forestry Vice General Director of Agrıcultural Reform,Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mushtaq,
Quaid-i-Azam University (Pakistan)

Supporting Institutions